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Not only does this podcast strengthen the message that it’s OK to discuss sexual intimacy out loud, it allows busy wives and moms to listen in while they are accomplishing other tasks. Check out Oyster Bed7’s facebook page for an out-take!

Would you like to submit a question for us to discuss on an upcoming podcast? Be sure to listen in and see if we answered your question on air.

I have to have a beard though, because without one, i look like a very tall child. I get too many messages to respond to "Damn you are hot".

We didn't want to complicate your lives by giving you too many options to choose from.” ************** “Unlock Your Libido: 52-week Sex Drive Transformation,” is now available on Kindle!Have equipped computer lab broadband and wireless internet access free daily.That being said, we kept our live chat site as simple as possible.Simply pick one of the categories and start chatting.

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