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Pittsburgh is known as The Steel City – but it also has an emerging arts scene and DIY culture.

It is an incredibly affordable place to live and has been hailed as the “new Portland” although some are angling for it to be the next Hollywood.

I can help you learn how to cope and lead a productive well ,embrace your one life""I am a therapist with decades of experience helping adults,children,and adolescents.

Discover how your pattern of relating to significant others in your life has affected and impacted your ability to feel loved and nurtured.

) that kept me busy with actual organic chemistry rather than organic fruit markets and relationship chemistry.If you need help in recovering from addiction I can help.I aim to understand you in the context of your family and the specific life stressors you are faced with.It’s one of those in-between cities that is so characteristic of the Mid-Atlantic region.Not quite Northern, Southern, East Coast, or Midwestern – it’s a place all its own.

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