Blackrock multi strategy hedge advantage liquidating trust

As in 1994, it’s posting an annual loss of about 2%. (“2015 was the hardest year to make money in 78 years,” 12/31/2015).

The most pressing question is whether 2015 is a single bad year or the prelude to something more painful than “more or less flat.” The folks at the Leuthold Group, advisers to the Leuthold funds as well as good institutional researchers, make the argument that the global equity markets have topped out.

is facing a potential class-action lawsuit by investors — and a lottery-winning Florida adviser — who assert the firm has breached its fiduciary obligations by charging exorbitant fees.

In the fourth legal complaint this year asserting similar claims, Florida investment adviser Timothy C.

While these types of transactions are distinct in concept, in practice particular deals frequently contain a mix of bonds and secured and unsecured commercial loans. Bank CLOs enable banks to sell portions of large portfolios of commercial loans (or in some cases, the credit risk associated with such loans) directly into the international capital markets, and offer banks a means of achieving a broad range of financial objectives, including the reduction of regulatory capital requirements, off-balance sheet accounting treatment, access to an efficient funding source for lending or other activities, and increased liquidity.

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The average hedge fund finished the year down about 4% and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway dropped 11.5%.The Masters of the Universe – William Ackman, David Einhorn, Joel Greenblatt, and Larry Robbins among them – are all spending their holidays penning letters that explain why 10-25% losses are no big deal. But, barring any drastic moves in the final trading days of 2015, the most widely held classes of assets, including stocks and bonds across the globe, were basically flat …The folks at Bain, Fortress Investments and Black Rock spared themselves the bother by simply closing their hedge funds this year. While that may be disappointing news for people who hoped to see big returns from at least some portion of their portfolio, it is excellent news for anyone who wants to see a steady global economic expansion without new bubbles and all the volatility that can bring. Thank goodness.” 12/30/2015) It’s been a really, really tough year for returns. After 75 days with in which the stock market rose or fell by 1% or more, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index managed to roar ahead to a gain … Almost 3000 mutual funds hung within two percentage points, up or down, of zero. Far from a Santa Claus rally, 2015 couldn’t even manage a Grinchy Claus one. Foreign and domestic value strategies, regardless of market cap, trailed their growth-oriented peers by 400-700 basis points. Investors saw losses in: Anything that smacked of “real assets” (energy, MLPs, natural resources) or Latin America posted 20-30% declines.

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