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I attended a GLAD parent workshop in the spring and became aware, for the first time, that I could make a difference in the life of my daughter through effective communication.

With the new skills, I was able to encourage the development of self-esteem in my daughter and to teach her the basics of sex education, puberty and family values.

For years, he experienced challenging health problems that were compounded by his inability to communicate with his doctor.

Our Health Care Access Case manager offered a number of communication options.

To them, the word "cure" -- indeed the whole notion of deafness as pathology -- is anathema.

GLAD-EDD employment specialists work with deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind individuals searching for jobs.

This principle is still new to me, but it has been brewing in the Deaf community for some time: while some deaf people feel cut off from the hearing world, or disabled, for others, being Deaf is a culture and a source of pride.

("Deaf" denotes culture, as distinct from "deaf," which is used to describe a pathology.) A steadily increasing number of deaf people have said that they would not choose to be hearing.

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