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Both Christians (so they would not be ‘unequally yoked’ as a believer and a non-believer would be, as per the Pauline teaching), both conservative Protestants, probably therefore agreement on the fundamentals certainly, but quite divergent understandings on other matters.

What I get from Moore’s response (as well as from some of his readers in their thoughts), is a roundabout way of cautioning against it (in Calvin and Aimee’s particular case) without outright saying ‘no’ to it, warning that there can’t be discord in the family home, and that therefore, if there’s to be unity on spiritual matters, she has to be willing to submit to him, and go along with his tradition, more or less.

"It's an example of a larger dissonance between Calvinist theology and Calvinist practice,"Olson said.

"If God has foreordained everything, then why should I feel any urgency to act?

These things, officially and unofficially, are celebrated in our churches. unless you are one of the few people who don’t fit into that square peg, and then you just feel like you don’t really belong at church.

While such intra-Protestant ‘mixed marriages’ aren’t necessarily forbidden by Scripture, it seems to me that one does (or, two do) well to consider, before even starting dating a fellow conservative Protestant of a different tradition, how compatible / incompatible, the respective theologies are; some are closer than others, some are further apart from others.

Yet silence still pervades the air regarding that issue in my life.

With moxie, I behest the Lord to present before me just the right Calvinistic fellow who would lead me into marriage.

I think this is a bit of a problem for singles everywhere – but shouldn’t it be different in church?

What’s great about these single friends of ours is that they truly love their churches.

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