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The longtime couple - they met as teenagers at a Mexico City Youth Center, and only recently broke off dating in 2012 - retained a tight musical connection onstage.

Ever since they ditched their hometown of Mexico City and began busking in Dublin in 1999, Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have often been mistaken for mariachi or flamenco players.She played every part of her guitar, hammering, slapping and snapping the instrument's back and sides, tapping the strings and running her hands up the neck for a rattlesnake rasp.Much has been made of the flamenco influence on Ry G's music, particularly the more Spanish-tinged tunes like the climbing, coruscating "Diablo Rojo." While Gabriella's raucous rhythms recalled flamenco's golpes - the genre's signature hand and finger taps - her approach owed more to thrash metal runs and drum fills. "Breakup and Early Seafloor Spreading between India and Antarctica." Geophysical Journal International 170, no. References Antretter, M., Steinberger, B., Heider, F., Soffel, H. Paleolatitudes of the Kerguelen hotspot: new paleomagnetic results and dynamic modelling, Earth Planet. Dietmar Mller, Belinda Brown, Takemi Ishihara, and Sergey Ivanov.

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