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Positive information remains on your report for an average of 10 years from the day its corresponding account is closed.

This information applies to accounts like mortgages and car loans, which have fixed terms on the number of years for repayment.

On top of the stress that accompanies changing addresses, names or jobs, it's smart to notify these companies as well to avoid any hiccups.

Now, you might be asking yourself if you also need to reach out to the credit bureaus. You don't need to contact the credit bureaus to update the personal information on your credit report.

Every month, lenders submit updates on your credit profile to at least one of the three credit reporting companies—Trans Union, Equifax and Experian.

Since lenders do not necessarily report to all three companies, the information on your credit reports may vary.

But by checking in regularly, you can keep track of updates – and keep your eye out for errors at the same time.

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Keep in mind that the information on your credit reports may not change every time you update them on Credit Karma.Updating an Address When You Move Disputing an Incorrect Address Reporting an Unusual Address as Possible Fraud Community Q&A Your credit report contains valuable information pertaining to your history of paying creditors.This is important to you, and you want to make sure that the information contained as part of your credit report is accurate. Additionally, you may note inaccuracies in the address that is reported, and you may need to correct that.It's hard to say exactly how long you'll have to wait, but since creditors generally only report once a month, it could take about 30 to 45 days for the changes to reflect.Your creditors update the information on your credit report electronically.

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