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That seems simultaneously like a very long time ago, and not very long ago at all, because time is vast and human brains are small and fallible, but it’s safe to say that in TV years, it’s a pretty long goddamned time.

The men and women behind the characters we used to spend one night a week with have gone on to other things – some bigger and better, others kind of rubbish – and unless you’re a particularly obsessive superfan, you’ve probably lost track of at least some of them.

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The 'Librarians' is a guilty pleasure, but it's a full-hearted pleasure.Aside from the Hardison-Parker relationship, what other changes are going on with the team?Of the famous rumoured exes that slipped through the net, edgy English rocker Miles Kane is distinctly not 'the Chelsea type' because, she reveals, that one hour a week is not the starlet's whole story.are freaking out right now because Alex Standall and Justin Foley may be dating in real life.And by Alex and Justin we mean actors Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn.

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