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Until that fateful night, Peter messaged Jenn on Ok Peter had looked through Jenn's pictures, read her profile, and said, "She sounds nice, and quite cute! And there was that fateful message from writerpo to jaycraftygeek. Just like the participants, the proposal was not conventional.I'm going to message her." That night, Jenn had sat down to her cat lady recliner, pulled out her old lady hobby, and was ready to spend a Friday night enjoying a glass of wine and watching her shows. Set in the atmosphere of Los Contaros in Oakland, the two set out for their first meeting. The conversation light, fluffy, but pregnant with opportunities for more. Peter and Jenn had talked about marriage, and knew that eventually they would marry.Q: So you worked most of last year without a contract? At the time I left on November 2 to go to Star 94, I had not yet reached terms with YEA Networks or Cumulus.A little backstory on YEA Networks: It was owned by Kidd Kraddick, a syndicated morning radio personality who was Bert’s mentor in the business.Jennifer Holloway has an extensive and diverse career in news broadcasting, voice overs, commercials, infomercials and modeling.Among her many accomplishments she also is very active with different charities in her community.Jenn graduated with a degree in Journalism from Kennesaw State University in Atlanta.She also started her broadcast career in Atlanta at WTLK TV-14 as host of the city's only week night, live, entertainment program.

Until they both went to The Great Dicken's Faire at the Cow Palace.I did not want to leave and I certainly didn’t want to compete against Bert [Weiss] at that time. I signed a three-year deal and then two additional one-year extensions that expired this past January 31.This time around, the negotiations were with YEA Networks, the syndication company that syndicates The Bert Show.Everyday Edisons documents seven inventors selected from thousands as their inventions are taken from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves.Jenn is an active volunteer and fund-raiser for The PACE Center for Girls, All Children's Hospital, The Children's Home, Easter Seals of Tampa Bay, PARC, Gulf Coast Giving and Autism Speaks. Petersburg General Hospital, The Boys and Girls Club, Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County and The Big Brothers Big Sisters Marketing Committee.

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